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A Duplex is a conjoined residential structure providing two individual abodes. A Duplex can be constructed on a single title initially and later be made strata titled allowing each abode to be sold separately or the builder may have already made the property strata titled and sold individually. If you are buying off the plan you can choose your option prior construction.

If a duplex has two separate owners (strata), then both owners share responsibility for the maintenance of any common areas. Non-strata means the owner is responsible for both dwellings.


Why buy a duplex?

  • Size Duplexes can be a smart solution for large or extended families allowing options down the track.
  • Finance Assistance paying off a mortgage, as you can live in one residence and rent the other as an attractive investment return.
  • Security The ability to tenant each residence individually gives added security it is unlikely you will be without two tenants at any time.
  • Price The price of two dwellings for a significant saving compared to the cost of building two separately.
  • Privacy One adjoining owner means no need cohabitate with groups in such as apartment blocks or town house complexes.
  • Pet friendly

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