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Five Solutions to Housing Unaffordability Crisis

Five Solutions to Housing Unaffordability Crisis

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Tuesday 7th March 2017     Housing, Negative Gearing, Stamp Duty

Housing estates on the boom in the northside of the city

CLOSE to a university campus, large shopping centre and easy access to the Sunshine Coast, this new estate is sure to be a winner.

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Chinese New Year Brings Surge Of Buyers To Australia

Chinese New Year is bringing a fresh surge of visitors to Australia, and many are intent on buying investment properties. Sourced: http://www.yourinvestmentpropertymag.com.au

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Monday 30th January 2017    

6 finance mistakes all new property investors make

Today there are more finance options available than ever before, and with so much information at our finger tips choosing a loan should be easy to do. But it isn’t always that simple. Make sure you’re not making one, or all, of these common errors. Source: By Tim Neary http://www.smartpropertyinvestment.com.au/advice/first-property-buyer/15713-6-finance-mistakes-all-new-property-investors-make

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Wednesday 30th November 2016    

Banks offering 'significant discounts' to property invetsors

New research has revealed that property investors are negotiating significant price discounts on home loans, despite measures to cool investor lending.

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Monday 24th October 2016     Banks, Investors, Investments, Property, Governement

3 Reasons why property is still a good bet

There are three good reasons for property investors to stay in the market, despite the federal government’s recent moves to have them exit it.

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Wednesday 5th October 2016     Property, Investment, Money, Investors, Real Estate

What are low-doc home loans?

If you’re self-employed or a full-time investor, you might not be able to prove your income through traditional means – but there are ways you can borrow and continue to buy property. Sourced: www.smartpropertyinvestment.com.au

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Monday 5th September 2016    

The risks of property investment and how you can reduce them

It’s easy to get carried away with fantasies about property investment riches and an ever-rising market – but investors need to be realistic about the risks of building a portfolio and understand just how much risk theirs is carrying.

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Monday 1st August 2016    

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